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New Body Armor vs. Used

12/18/2013  New Body Armor VS Used Body Armor

Manufactured bullet proof vests or anything that is made out of ballistic material, has what is refered to as a "Expiration Date".

Produce and other foods that become bad after a certain time period might come to mind when you think of an expiration date;
the same is true with ballistic material.

Bullet proof vests have an expiration date because over time the ballistic material within the vest becomes weak. Just like a pair of jeans or an old t-shirt, the fibers or strings
within the material becomes weak from use. The fibers unwind or become unwoven, which means when a bullet stricks that partially unwoven bullet proof vest, it will resist much less.

The body armor industry has a guarentee time period of 5 years. Of course, like all expiration dates, it is put far before any of those symtoms start to occur. However, when your life is at risk,

it is best to buy a new bullet proof vest then to try to keep your old one for a couple more years.

We do offer new panels for our past customers. This way, they will be able to keep the carrier and discard the old ballistic material that is inside the bullet proof vest.

The old ballistic material is still good for trauma support. You can easily cut the old ballistic material to make a 10x12 trauma plate.

If you are a former customer and would like to purchase new ballistic panels for your vest, please contact us through the contact form or by our toll free number.

Thank you and God Bless!

-The Top Body Armor Team



 07/12/2013  What is a trauma plate?

A lot of people get confused on this subject. This is because the significance of a trauma plate depends on who you are talking to.

A trauma plate would be defined as any plate that provides blunt force trauma protection. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are bullet proof. 




03/11/2013  What is the difference between bullet proof vests and body armor?

Body Armor refers to a family. Body armor can be anything that is able to resist threats from any gun. This can be ballistic plates, ballistic helmets, or bullet proof vests or jackets.
Bullet proof vests refer to strictly bullet proof vests.